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Guns & Oil Brewing Co. is forged from passion and grit. We celebrate the maverick spirit found amongst the few. We challenge the status quo, ride with the fearless… and brew damn good beer. 

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G&O Co. beer is clean, crisp and like you, bolder than most. With a strong wit and a refreshing finish.

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Our Team


Cary Prewitt :

CEO | Chief Gun Slinger

What animal do you think represents the Great American Values? The American Bison. Cause its legit.

Whitney Spencer Prewitt :

Director of Marketing | Bandit

What is your favorite Americana past time?
4th of July Fireworks. Hands down. When I was a child my Air Force father was stationed at the Pentagon. Every 4th of July we would pile up in the back of his Ford pick up, cut up a fresh watermelon and watch the sky light up with the most elaborate reworks show behind the washington monument. Even at a young age it gave me goosebumps to see the Red, White & Blue celebration over our great nations capital.

Derek Montano :

Territory Sales Manager | Beer Slinger

What makes you a patriot?
So what makes me a patriot? Well I’m truly blessed to be able to call this amazing country my home. To me America is truly the land of opportunity. You do whatever makes you happy and you’re only limited by your imagination. I come from a big military family so patriotism resonates deep in my moral fabric.

Charlie Beasley :

Operator | Billy The Kid

Which founding father of the United States of America stands out to you?
The founding father of the USA that stands out for me the most is Benjamin Franklin.
He stands out the most because of his accomplishments despite the limited amount of formal education he received. Because of these accomplishments he was able to stop working at age 42 which is very impressive for not having the education and being successful.

Danelle Gerber :

Controler | The Bank

If you could pick one state to represent the Great American Values which would it be?
Before moving to Texas from Hawaii (previous to that Oregon and California), I would have had trouble naming a state to represent the Great American Values. Now, I can easily name Texas. I think being a "foreigner" gives me a unique perspective on Texans and their sensibilities; I can discern them in comparison to other states that I have lived in.

Perry Tolbert :

Southwest Sales Director | The Dealer

What song makes you feel the most patriotic?
I'm proud to be and American - Lee Greenwood

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