American Lager

We couldn't come out as a frontier beer and launch with a flagship that was anything but an American Style Lager.

This is the type of beer we drank, with real quality ingredients used during that era. We wanted to make a beer that would have been drank back then, by those seeking our values of boldness, opportunity, and making something out of nothing.

This is the beer that represents the west. This is the beer for the bold.


Strawberry Lemon Lager

Brewed with Strawberry & Fresh Lemon

This ultra refreshing, lager pays homage to the hot summer days out on the ranch.

Sit back, kick your boots off and enjoy this glorious refreshment!


Black Lager

Our first ever 'seasonal' beer, Black Lager

Built with an array of quality German malts: Pilsner, Munich, and a touch of Chocolate Malt (to achieve its rich, dark hue). A modest amount of Perle hops keeps the bitterness at bay, and creates a malt-heavy beer without being too unbalanced.

By 'lagering' it with a German Pilsner yeast, it remains crisp, clean, and easy to drink.


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